Pixel Links is a new NFT offering which is launching in late October and is bringing an innovative approach to the NFT marketplace.

Pixel Links is a new Golf based NFT offering that has a lot of gamers and NFT lovers alike licking their lips.

They have used the retro look of the pixel genre which gives the offering a fun gamer feel while the names clever play on words Pixel (self-explanatory) and the word Links (a clever use of language were links can mean both the name of a golf course and the Links involved in Blockchain).

We see what you did there lol!!

The company’s vision is to create a new style of NFT/Gaming platform in which you can not only purchase and hold your NFT’s for potential profit but also can compete in regular competitions for the chance to win upgraded NFT’s for use in their different categories. They have a whitepaper which details this on their website.

If you like me were around and missed the start of Sorare were NFT’s could be purchased for low budget, or more recently offerings like Drunken dragons who have seen their gaming NFT’s soar in recent years but missed the chance to buy in early, this might just be the thing you’re looking for.

The potential for crossover between the gaming, NFT and sport genre’s makes this offering look particularly appealing to any number of investors long term.

What’s in it for Me?


As a pre-launch special to get some buzz Pixel Links is giving away 260 NFT’s. They have decided to give away 10 sets of their first minted set of red and blue team NFT’s so a total of 260 NFT’s which will of course be limited edition. These will not be playable in the game when it launches but will be unique in the future if Pixel Links takes off as it should.

So, if you’re thinking of getting into NFT’s or dipping your toe what’s better than free right?

To qualify for their free event, you just need to join their Discord and or follow Twitter platforms (as there will be two seperate draws) and you will be eligible to receive the free one-time print NFT’s which will involve a live draw on Discord.



How to Win

This will be a Wheel Spin for which golfer you receive followed by one for the member who will receive the free NFT.

Nothing like a free NFT to make your weekend, eh? I will update the blog with any further offers they have in the future.

By Marty

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