Many people who want to start either buying NFT’s or Cardano (ADA) itself give up at the first hurdle because it seems a little intimidating.

So I thought why not do a step by step guide to make it easy for people to get involved.

So buckle up and come along for the easiest way to get signed up for a wallet.

Step 1 Go to the website

First of all go to your web browser and go to Daedalus – Cryptocurrency wallet (

Then click the green download button above to get started.

Step 2 Choose your Platform

Then click on the green Download Daedalus button for the appropriate platform your using. For this walkthrough i’m going to do the Windows 10 version.

as you can see above clicking this button sets up a download which will come up on your screen as in the screenshot above.

once it completes you will see this screen

click on the blue Open file button in the download section if for any reason you can’t see the downloads section at the top of the screen all you need to do is click on your search bar in the task bar of your pc

at the top you can see a tan folder with File Explorer underneath it in white, click on that and then click on the downloads folder in the picture below

and once you’ve clicked on downloads highlighted in blue above the you will see the the application setup file which looks like this

Step 3 Installing The Application

Double click on the icon above with the bull picture and daedalus name beside it to start the program installing.

Your PC will then ask you do you want to allow the program to make changes to your pc. Once you accept that you will get the following screen

and now all you have to do is click the install button with blue around it to start the process.

then a green progress bar will appear

wait until you get to the completed screen as below

and feel free to hit the close button

Congratulations you have installed the program.

Step 4 Running for the first time

Look on your desktop for the shortcut you can see just above and double click it to start the program

once you do that you will get the following screen

At this point you have to make sure that your protection software is configured to allow daedalus to work correctly. The example above is on windows defender, this may be a little differrent for your software.

Once you have configured your firewall you will then see a screen asking for you to continue and then this terms of service screen

Scroll to the bottom and click agree with terms of service once your happy with them and then press the continue button in green

Step 5 Creating Your Wallet

Once you’ve clicked on the continue button the following screen will appear

and as you can see as we are looking to set up a wallet for the first time we would use the large create button on the top left of the four options. (If anyone would like a step by step guide for any of the other 3 options please contact me and ill do another guide).

Once clicked you can now create a wallet with the following screen

It is ESSENTIAL that you keep a record of these details in a safe place as its the only way you will be able to access your wallet going forwards this is to improve your security.

Once you have put in a name for you wallet (can be anything) and a password you will then progress by hitting the create Shelley wallet green button above

This is also known as your spending password and is used to spend cordano. If you forget this password you will need to uninstall and reinstall the wallet so make sure you keep a note of the password.

Then you will get the following screen and an even more important security section to protect your wallet.

First you click the nobody can see my screen to confirm with a tick and then hit the green continue button

You will then get a list of 24 count them 24 words to give you a recovery code for your wallet, i cant stress enough to check and double check these 24 words and also to make sure you have them in a safe place after writing them down.

You will then be asked to type the words in to confirm you have them written down correctly. This may feel like a long winded process at this point but it is 100% to protect your security and to make sure that you realise how important these details are.

Then you will be asked to hit confirm to show that you understand not to store the words digitally or online, also that this is the only way to recover your account with these words if it stops working, is stolen, lost or broken. IF YOU LOSE THESE WORDS YOU RISK LOSING YOUR WALLET AND ALL CONTENTS!!

At that point once you hit continue and tick the boxes you will go back to the main screen of daedalus and it will then sync the wallet with its database, this can take up to an hour on your first settup depending on your internet speed mine took around 45 minutes. This is because its syncing all its new data with the blockchain.

CONGRATULATIONS you have created your first wallet for Cardano (ADA) now you just have to decide what to fill it with, wheather its crypto currency or NFT’s, wheather your buying the most expensive NFT of getting some free samples, this is the beginning of a brand new adventure in which you are in control.

Good luck and if you need any further guides in future please put it in the comments and ill get to work on it.

By Marty

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