The team behind Pixel Links recently contacted me with an offer to have a chat with to learn more about their project and what their hopes and aspirations are for the future. It’s a project I certainly have my eyes on (being a huge golf fan) and so having an opportunity to get an in depth look at the project was an exciting prospect. I hope you enjoy my interview with Bill and Alex (Wombat Simpson Games) behind Pixel Links.

CNFT News: So, what exactly is Pixel Links?

Bill: Pixel Links will be a Golf Game where people can collect, trade, purchase and sell randomised golfers, equipment, and golf holes. We looked at a few different options and came up with the Cardano Blockchain to do this. Quite frankly, NFTs are booming now and Cardano is such a young system comparatively, we wanted to seize this opportunity. I jumped on NFTs early, whilst Alex took a bit of persuasion to come around to the idea that this was the way forward.

CN: Persuasion?

Bill: Yeah, Alex was worried about the long-term effects of basing something on the Blockchain. Crypto hasn’t had the best reputation in recent years, especially when it comes to Climate Change. There was this story about Bitcoin and something about the power it takes to run the Blockchain could power….

CN: Argentina?

Bill: Yeah, Argentina. Obviously, we all have our role to play in the ongoing climate change and that was something we couldn’t ignore. The persuasion came with Cardano. It’s a better system, certainly more environmentally friendly, and it is also a lot more affordable compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is no point having a project like this if people can’t afford to buy in, you know?

CN: I’m glad you brought up cost. You said that you intend to have Golfers, Equipment and Golf Holes? Tell us more about them and how much it is going to cost?

Alex: Well now we are in what we are calling the “Golfer Phase”. We will be offering 10,000 golfers – which seems to be a popular number these days (laughs), for sale at a price of 40ADA each. Equipment will come next, and we are aiming to sell them in packs. We haven’t got the specifics of cost for that as we are still in the initial phase for costing, but it’s likely to be much lower. Golf Holes are probably going to come in a bit higher than golfers, but we will announce that once we are finished with the Equipment.

CN: Why should any of our readers buy your NFT Specifically?

Bill: Like any good new NFT as an early adopter, you can benefit from to the first phase of a future long term gaming NFT, the advantage is that you will be able to own a unique tiny golfer for only 40 ADA.
The potential benefit to you is that not only could you make profit from the initial purchase as the project skyrockets, but once the game comes to full development you can also enjoy your purchase within the game or take advantage of a secondary price increase when demand for the golfers will again be huge.
Pixel Links is the first Golf game which utilises this model and system, and so how well we do in the future is directly linked to how well our NFT investors do.
Which means that you will be able see a long term financial commitment to growing the game and the value of both the Company and each individual NFT.
We believe that Pixel Links is the long term future of Golf Gaming.

CN: OK, so the money raised from the sale will be going towards the rest of the project?

Alex: That’s the plan. Once we have reimbursed all our out-of-pocket expenses and the people who helped us with the art and the generation of the NFTs, we intend to put as much as we can into the development of the game. In fact, if we sell enough, I will manage the project full time from home rather than fitting it in around my work. Bill will be part time as he is locked into a contract until May at the latest. We can’t stress enough that this isn’t a pump and dump scheme and that we want to see this to the end.

CN: What can you tell us about the game then?

Bill: Well obviously we want to make the best golf game ever. But we can’t get the team behind Tiger Woods 2014, so we will have to look at something a bit different (laughs). In all seriousness, we want to have the game in stages so that we can get it out to as many people as quickly as possible. The first stage we envision as kind of like a management style game. You build teams and send them to other golf courses and then they play a round and you get the result. Something like “Auto Golf” if you are an auto chess player. We would then build on from there, to eventually being able to release a game where you can actually play the courses that other people have built. You will be able to win prizes, play competitions and eventually we will have an eco-system built around it. That’s the dream anyway.

CN: So, we could essentially have our own Ryder Cup?

Alex: We don’t use those words around here

CN: Oh yeah, that’s right. You had some problems?

Alex: Yeah, someone at the PGA took offence to us using the hashtag Ryder Cup in a few tweets and sent us a cease and desist. I guess we got a bit to close for comfort. But hey, we think that if they have noticed us, they must be nervous about something right?

CN: (Laughs) Yeah, maybe. But everything was cleared up?

Alex: Yeah. We are all good now.

CN: So, let’s talk about the actual NFTs. What should we expect from them?

Bill: Well, you saw our promos?

CN: Yeah

Bill: Yeah, so our promos capture our art style perfectly. Our artist, Jordan, really knocked it out the park with them. They are just examples of the style that we wanted to put together to do some early promotion before we were ready to reveal what the actual art for the NFTs look like.

CN: Ok, and what about the NFTs? What will they look like?

Alex: Yeah, well they obviously have a few different elements, gender, skin colour, hair, hat etc… but what is important is that they will also come with 5 stats that will be used in the game. These are Ability, Power, Stamina, Control and Composure. They will be on the image itself and you’ll be able to see immediately whether you got some good ones. We base our rarity off these.

CN: Composure? I understand the other ones, but what’s composure about?

Alex: Yeah, the Yips basically. When the pressure is tough (say you are 1 shot ahead going down the last and need a par to win). We wanted to incorporate that into the game.

CN: Oh right. Yeah, I’ve missed a few short putts in my time in that situation.

Alex: Exactly! And you see it from the pro’s too. We couldn’t make a game without adding in some sort of pressure gauge.

CN: Oh, cool. And these are on the images?

Bill: They will be at the bottom. Each value has a colour associated with it. And then you have a card rarity which is denoted by the colour of the frame. Oh, another thing, we wanted to make sure that as many people were represented in our game and art. So you will have an equal chance to pull a female or male golfer, and with the body colours, we have structured it in a way that our more creative colours (red, blue, grey transparent etc…) occur at a lower rate than normal colours

CN: Oh really? That’s a cool idea.

Bill: Yeah, I know we are just a small company, but everyone has to do their bit right? Everyone has a right to be on the golf course regardless of who your parents are or where you come from.

CN: Great. So, can you tell us when you expect to launch?

Bill: 22nd of October.

CN: Confirmed?

Alex: Barring any massive technical disasters or the world ending. That’s our date.

CN: OK, so can we have a sneak peek for our readers?

Alex: I suppose so but keep it under your hat (laughs).

CN: So how do people join your project and support you?

Bill: They can join us on Twitter and Discord and of course be ready for the drop and get themselves a tiny golfer on 22nd October.

CN: I Heard a rumour of more Giveaways

Bill: Starting tonight and every night until our release on 22nd October we will be giving away a tiny golfer to four luck winners on our wheel live on at 10pm UTC+1, everyone in our discord and in the channel will have a chance to win. Don’t miss it!!!

Alex: We will also be doing random giveaways on our twitter account on a regular basis as well so keep your eyes peeled.

CN: Brilliant. Thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us. We wish you every success. One final thing before you go. Are there any projects that you have your eye on yourself?

Alex: Bitfins is a fun one. Who doesn’t want to have Aquariums? Bitlands is something that appeals to me since I’m a cartography and geography geek.
Bill: I’m obviously in love with Drunken Dragons and I also hold some Rhino Generation tokens as well as that our friends at gaming cardano are also doing a great job at building a cardano community and giving gamers some new ways to win on the cardano platform.

CN: Awesome. Is there anything else you want to say before we finish?

Bill: Once we drop, we are going to have some amazing giveaways that involve some of the more popular CNFTs. These will only be available to holders of Pixel Links golfers!

Thanks very much Wombat Simpson Games for taking the time to talk to me. Hopefully your project is a success, and we will get to play Pixel Links at some point in the future.

If you or your team are trying to get information about any existing or upcoming NFT releases on Cardano please contact me on twitter to arrange a time for me to compile an article.

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