Who are BitFins?

BitFins are a Cardano NFT long term project looking to bring fun and a great new concept to the community: An interactive Aquarium with compatible, collectible NFT’s. Tyler (the creator) has always been drawn to Aquariums due to the number of ways creative people have found to make the environment in their aquariums unique. Tyler’s vision is set to deliver both a platform (the aquarium) and a huge array of NFT options (from plants and creatures to water colour and items) to allow the community to show off their creativity.

This will come in a three-phase approach to production and development.

Phase 1 Launch

In Phase 1 a first set of aquatic species will be made available as NFT’s with each further species being a new mint. The common species in each series will never be remade with the exotic species having a very small chance to appear in future drops.

Phase 2 Décor

In Phase 2 there will be an opportunity to mint unique décor for your aquarium, but also as a holder of a creature NFT you will become eligible for an airdrop of decorations that are created. Each minting of these decorations will be limited in runs and will not be repeated, this is to allow people to change the tanks over time.

Phase 3 Final Phase

This is where they plan to keep adding and implementing new interactions and features to the aquarium and to continue to provide new content and support as long as the community are enjoying it.

So, how will the Aquarium work?

There are two main interactions here, the first is wallet integration and the second is aquarium interactivity.

For the aquarium to work correctly it must be able to scan for NFT’s in your wallet, verification of the wallet’s assets would be done similarly to the system implemented by CNFT.io. For native BitFins creatures and assets this will allow the aquarium to use each NFT’s attributes to create unique animations, interactions, and environmental changes. Also, even without native integration owners of other NFT’s will be able to display them in their aquarium as a poster for their creatures to swim around.

In terms of interactivity, Tyler is currently using the Unity platform to develop a wide range of user customisation with options to toggle which NFT’s are displayed in their aquarium. All BitFins game assets and NFT’s will be directly compatible with the aquarium and for each individual NFT you add you will make a change to your own creative canvass. Making everyone’s aquarium unique.

Tyler also intends to have the possibility to display other non BitFins NFT’s in the aquarium to help show of your collection in many new ways as an end game for the project and to give the community a new and exciting way to FLEX.

What else can happen in the aquarium?

To make Aquarium interactions both random and fun, the graphics of the NFT’s have been kept relatively simple which also minimises any barriers to entry. But this allows for some cool interactions in your Aquarium based on the NFT’s attributes, for example animations if two creatures in your tank have certain temper attributes they will fight, the attributes will also allow for many more options and endless possibilities.

How can you support this great project?

Simple as usual you can follow them on twitter and join their discord server for updates on the many great giveaways and future launch promotions they have in store.

This is one great project I am keeping a close eye on.

If you want to know how I feel about BitFins its quite simple I think they are going to make a big Splash!

By Marty

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