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We all too often talk about being part of the CNFT community and how its a great place to be with great people and helpful developers who listen. But every now and then some of them make a stand for the community and prove that its not all talk.

GingerBread Rug Pull

There was a lot of scratching of heads when GingerBread just decided to pull the rug and remove themselves from the space after their drop.

It left a huge amount of their supporters feeling both let down and also wondering what to do with the NFT’s they had collected and paid good ADA for.

Derp Birds to the rescue!

In stepped Derp Birds backing up their statements on their website like: “We’ve said it from the start, the community is the project.”

In what could be seen as a bailout, they offered to replace any GingerBread NFT’s for the community and provide them with a Derp Bird. Many of the GingerBread NFT owner’s have already taken them up on the offer but if you didn’t know about their generosity and haven’t looked into it, fly on over to their community hubs for all the details on how to do it.

Backing up your words is something we don’t see as often as we would like, everyone knows that Derp Birds have more varieties than KFC and are a lot spicier too. But now we also know that they are true to their word and want to build the CNFT community. They have gone the extra mile to establish themselves as one of the long term projects in this new expanding Cardano NFT space.

Let’s Support and return the love

So guy’s and girl’s a gesture like this needs to be reciprocated by the community.

We need to stand up and support this great project and their fantastic response to a bad situation.

We need to go get ourselves a bird, or two or three, hell go get a variety bucket (KFC theme contines lol).

But if you dont have the ADA to do that, anyone who feels anything for the community at all should at a minimum show their support by giving them a follow on twitter and by joining their amazing discord group detailed below:

What’s next for Derp Birds?

Derp birds have announced their egg-citing new plans and are currently hatching their plan for world domination.

They have announced that the Mad Scientist has been working hard on Season 2 and also that they will be doing Team Ups with other major NFT’s in the CNFT community (again proving their community spirit)

They are definitely bringing their A game to the current marketing as well, hats off again to this great project.

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