Who are FreshMints?

FreshMints is a platform for NFT developers and NFT collectors from all blockchain backgrounds (ETH, ADA,BTC,SOL ect).

What services do FreshMints provide?

FreshMints provide a service for all new and existing NFT developers to allow them to showcase the information about their upcoming Mints.

They also help NFT Collectors by using a process to Verify the Developers which reduces the risk to any purchaser.

They provide Special giveaways for the projects they are working hand in hand with, as well as doing a huge giveaway for all projects under their banner monthly.

In this regard they can provide marketing help as they add their own social reach to that of the developers to hopefully benefit both parties.

What’s in it for me as a New NFT listing?

One of the main features of the platform is that it highlights the Mint (drop) date of your project to the community, the advantage to you is that your information is being circulated throughout the community at a greater rate and the ultimate benefit to you is that your drop is more successful.

Secondly, they feature a number of checks on both your project itself and also the viability of its long-term goals (whitepaper), this means that you can clearly outline the path for your project and by doing so honestly, you will benefit from their verification. This will mean that potential purchasers can see you as legitimate operation and this should lead to Trust in the development team, which again leads to a better drop.

Thirdly, and very similar to point one, they have ongoing giveaways and marketing for your project, broadcast on a regular basis. The benefit for you is that as FreshMints base grows so will yours. This increases the potential audience for the NFT you are working hard to perfect. The benefit again is quite simply, as more people hear about and spread the word on your project, it will have hugely increased its chance to have an effective and amazing drop.

What’s in it for me as an NFT Collector?

As above, one of the main features of the platform is that it highlights drop dates for a lot of exciting new project’s with buzz in the marketplace. The advantage to you is that if you keep in regular contact with FreshMints you won’t miss the next Rocket NFT on the market. Ultimately, you benefit by getting in on the ground floor of great new projects for the minting cost, and don’t need to purchase from the secondary market at inflated prices.

Secondly, as above with their verification process, you will have the advantage to know that research into the project has taken place to try to reduce down the risk of a project doing a mint and run strategy, whilst this is impossible to always get correct, their due diligence test will mean you can have the peace of mind to now that it should be a company with a long term commitment.

Lastly, they have free huge giveaways, both on a regular direct marketing basis for projects listed with them, and also a huge monthly giveaway for all their NFT developers. The benefit here is a simple one. You will get access to some of the best NFT’s in the market at absolutely no cost, Free, Nada, Nothing!

How can i get in touch with FreshMints?

As always you can follow them on Twitter and Discord and also go to their website for more information.

Final Thoughts?

I have looked on in Amaze-Mint at the Encourage-Mint and help that FreshMints have provided to the community and NFT developers so far.

It’s a Compli-Mint to them that there is no Argue-Mint to who will soon be taking over the NFT landscape.

So if marketing and PR for your NFT leaves you feeling out of your Ele-Mint and feeling in a bit of a Predica-Mint, then head over to FreshMints they know just what to do.

I hope the last paragraph caused you some Amuse-Mint and if it did i would also appreciate it if you would follow me in my attempt to get the news that matters out to the NFT community.

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By Marty

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