At CNFT News we constantly keep an ear to the ground for new and exciting projects which we think are worth keeping an eye on – not just for how they look, but for their ethos and what they might develop into. We don’t just look for pretty art, but we look for Utility as well. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 projects we think you should look at in the near future.

1. Pixel Links

I don’t think it is any secret that we are big fans of Pixel Links. We are golf players here at CNFT News, and we are golf gamers. This project, for us, ticks every box that we look for when we are wanting to invest our money. Art that appeals to us? Check. Exciting Utility? Check. But, for us, the most important thing is their communication, openness, and transparency around this project. Seriously, don’t take our word for it, join their discord, or ask them a question on Twitter. They are open about what they are wanting to achieve and how they will achieve it.

Bill and Alex (who we interviewed) are not hiding (every night they take questions on their discord before their live Giveaway). In a community that has had a few Rug Pulls and also some projects with very ambitious roadmaps and unrealistic expectations. To be told that “this takes time to create and develop and we want to make sure we get it right” is refreshing, and we commend them for their honesty.

We hope that other projects take note of this approach and run with it, because it is only going to help the scene in the long run.

Pixel Links currently gives away 4 Promo Golfers every day at 2200 UTC+1 and will launch on 22nd October 2021.

Pixel Links Giveaway & Chat each day at 2200 UTC+1

Support them on

2. BitFins

BitFins is another similar project that preaches transparency. They are all about collecting creatures and items to display in your aquarium. Tyler, the creator, has been slowly creating the renders for the creatures over the last few weeks and sharing them on the BitFins Discord. His roadmap is interesting, and has some great utility, including some brilliant airdrop incentives.

The first drop will be limited in numbers, but the creatures look great, and I am sure they are going to look fantastic in the virtual aquarium. Whilst there is no gamification intended for BitFins (which is ok, not everything needs to be a game), I can just imagine these projected onto the side of buildings, or in SPAs as a form of relaxation. Tyler has also talked about community joint projects and integration. One match made in heaven may be to couple these with some of the exciting new music projects just starting to emerge on Cardano.

BitFins drop date is 28th October @ 2pm, with a whitelist presale drop available to the first 200 members of the BitFins Discord.

3. Bitlands

Bitlands has had a rough couple of weeks. After selling out their second drop, they announced that they will be burning and reminting the first 1000 Bitlands that were sold. These has caused them a few issues since this process has been slow and by hand, leading to some small complaints and as a result their floor dropped. We honestly don’t think that matters because first and foremost, they look amazing. Their imagery reminds us of the old Atari games Another World and Flashback, and their plans for the future are achievable. This is certainly not a project that you want to sell, as how these will develop over the coming months and years will be one to watch.

These are true expressions of art and one that we love. Bitlands are available on the secondary market where the floor currently sits at ₳8.

4. Derp Birds

Look. They are funny, they look great, and the community is amazing. The way they stepped in for the Rug Pull that was Gingerbread Society puts them on this list for sure. They are fully minted, but don’t let that stop you from trying to pick one up on the secondary market. Not many PFP projects get our attention, but their reaction to events in the scene made us stand up and take notice. Their road map plans for “Derplings” and more drops (including airdrops) are fun and interesting. If PFP projects are ones that take your fancy, you can do no better than getting into Derp Birds.

Derp Birds are sold out; however, they are available on the secondary market where the floor currently sits at ₳49 and have been on a surge of late due to the upcoming breeding process.

5. EquineNFT

EquineNFT are building a virtual racehorse management game. The sneak peeks they have revealed already look fantastic, and their outlook and long-term strategy is one to behold. You will want to see how this project develops. Currently at an early stage, they are already gaining a huge foothold in the community. Their eventual vision is to have people race and breed horses and also to act as a virtual trainer to win the biggest stakes!

Like Pixel Links and BitFins they also have a clearly planned out and open vision where we can see a timeline for the full development of the game and the direction it is taking. They also intend to make the project as transparent as possible, as you would expect from any good developer. This will help build long term trust in the community. In our opinion this is what will make projects stand out for investment in the future.

Here, at cnft-news we can understand the huge hype, Fahadouken (the project’s visionary) recently spent time in an extensive interview with Taylor of @GamingCardano on their twitch stream where he took questions about the project. Every answer he gave made us more excited for the upcoming release.

So why have we placed EquineNFT so low on our list? Simply because it will be releasing sometime in December. We have included it at this early stage because we think it will develop into a behemoth of the scene. This looks like a possible long term number 1.

Stay tuned to cnft-news for a more in-depth look at EquineNFT coming soon.

Great Projects helping the Community Grow

Outside of the NFT space a mention must be given to several projects that are trying to establish themselves as mainstays of the community.

GamingCardano are trying to use the Cardano platform to enable gamers all over the world to compete in competitions to win NFT’s and ADA prizes. They are looking to start a new crossover for normal everyday gamers, that will allow them to meet like-minded gaming fans and to give them the opportunity to win prizes whilst doing it. The concept is great, and we fully expect to see them expand rapidly going forwards.

Join Them on:

FreshMints are creating a platform to help market and verify NFT projects for the benefit of both the NFT developer and the NFT Collector. They also do huge giveaways to the community on a regular basis and are growing extremely fast. Friendly, helpful, and trying to make a difference, we again expect big things from them in the future.

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If anyone has any projects you think we’ve missed on our list that deserve a shout out please put in the comments section or message me on twitter.

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  1. Fantastic info – thanks for highlighting the best looking projects. You are helping us build a great community.

    1. David, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to both read and comment on the article.
      I’m trying to help grow the community and your feedback helped to give me a lift that I’m doing the right thing. Many Thanks

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