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Last night at 7:30 UTC and 8:30 BST, FreshMints held their first of many featured developer chats. Pixel Links Golf were invited as the first project to be featured by FreshMints and I was given the privilege of asking the questions.

Firstly, I asked the Pixel Links Golf developers for information about themselves

Bill is long time gamer and community builder, who started out programming on a zx81 back at the start of computing. He has programmed on many different devices since then and has been a huge influence on local communities in his home country of Northern Ireland. Gaming has always been his passion and he has been involved in organising large country wide events for Magic The Gathering, and other collectible card games as well as having a twitch channel for his gaming community. He says he’s rubbish at real life golf but loves the gaming versions. His goal is to create the biggest and best gaming community on the cardano blockchain.

Alex has been developing games and programming since the Atari St. The idea for this golf game has been developing for almost a decade. It has taken various forms, from card variations to basic board game and eventually he has found what he believes is a natural fit for his vision on the cardano blockchain. He has been golfing from the age of 5 with his father and it’s that love for golf and gaming that has given him the drive and determination to make the best possible golf game for the community.

Then I questioned Them about Pixel Links Golf (the project)

They were very quick to explain to us all that they are gaming and community developers who have chosen the Cardano Blockchain as their home because they see it as the future. The whole team has placed a high importance on reduced environmental impact of their project, and they see cardano as the best blockchain option to do this.

They also explained that the NFT mint stage of their roadmap is effectively their version of crowdfunding and the proceeds from the mint after costs will be used to develop the game to the best possible specifications.

The amount of NFT sales at initial launch will impact the speed of development, but not the long term goals of the project. Whether it fully sell’s out on day 1 or takes time to completely sell out. They are determined to build an amazing and vibrant community and are in this for the long term.

A main development goal for their project was to ensure that no matter what type of golfer you mint you will have a chance to ‘Play to Win’ and have a large part in their game. To achieve this, every single golfer NFT has a classification and the ability to win competitions, where only that category of golfer can participate.

They also have cosmetic rarity which you see in many other projects and whilst this may create NFT envy and drive the secondary market it will not affect how the golfers play or their chances to win.

All further drops will also be set up for the same goal.

They explained that they want to bring every valued member of their growing community on this journey with them, and that they will all have an input in helping to shape and mould the future of Pixel Links Golf.

The Roadmap

Community! Community! Community!

When I asked about the ways that they would keep and indeed grow their community, they simply astonished me with the amount of new and innovative things they had lined up the three phases of their NFT release.

Pre-Launch Community Engagement

Pre-launch on the 22nd October, Pixel Links have been engaging with the community by having nightly AMA (ask me anything) conversations in their discord. During these sessions (which have been going on for weeks) they have been giving away free tiny promo golfers to the community.

Any community member who owns a promo tiny golfer gains access to their Past Captain’s Club. Membership of this club will mean that you will get a free unique airdrop of equipment and also be invited to all beta versions of the games. You will also be given the opportunity to provide feedback to mould the game to best meet the community’s needs. This will entitle you to access to the first Beta version of their Mini Game ‘Battle Golf’.

If you are the first person to collect all the promo golfers (26), you will be Immortalised into the game. Can I repeat that please, IMMORTALISED in the game! Usually only available to the top real-life golfers in the world in other games. Their artist Enkian will take a picture of you or a loved one and create a one-off specially designed golfer with your name and likeness. Who doesn’t want one of those? Am I right?

However, because they don’t want to leave anyone in the community out, they have also introduced the Tour Legends.

Tour legends can be designed by any member of the discord community. These are created by the community by using the rarity charts provided where you can create your own golfer and name them. Unlike the Pokigolf (gotta catch them all) from earlier you will not receive this yourself, however it will be used as part of the community giveaways scheduled after launch. These are then brought to life by Alex once all details are complete and many in the community are using them as their profile pics. You may be lucky enough to win your own Tour Legend, however your design will be named and immortalised in the game.

Launch Phase 22nd October 2021 at 9pm UTC

To help with possible launch issues Pixel Links Golf have joined forces with an experienced team that have helped with huge launches in the cardano space to try to ensure that the launch goes to plan.

They have maximised each transaction to 10 golfer NFTs at a cost of 40 Ada each.

They have listed early on and Artifct (was ExNFT).

Finally at Drop time the address will be available on the website and in announcements in discord on the day.

Post Launch Phase Plans

Ok this is where things took a turn, because Pixel Links Golf decided to drop an exclusive about their project to us in the interview. The exclusive was how they intended to make sure that owners of every Pixel Link Golfer NFT from very early on would be able to have fun and more importantly to have ‘play to win’ opportunities. They call it ‘Battle Golf’!

This is a Knockout, 32-person tournament in which you can Battle other golfers based on your NFTs attributes.

It will cost 1 Ada to enter and if you are victorious over your 31 other competitors you will win a new shiny NFT golfer of the next Tier up. It is a ‘Play to Win’ Progression competition Model.

The huge benefit to each winner being that they can build a Clubhouse of golfers. These can be over each category so that at the launch of the full game, they will have a packed clubhouse of great golfers ready to win tournaments and set course records. This blew me away! Being able to have fun and compete with my NFTs, not just have them in my wallet looking pretty, was my biggest takeaway, but to also be able to directly influence and grow my own collection is amazing.

This also has the added benefit of helping to fund the gaming project as the purchase of the NFT prizes from the funds will again go back into developing the main game and future possible Mini Games.

Due to the amount of information about Battle Golf that I haven’t been able to touch on in this article I will also be doing an extensive breakdown of their new Mini Game in a future article.

They also have quizzes, airdrops, various community-based giveaways of Tour Legends and wallet-based surprises for non-listed NFT golfers.

Then they hit their roadmap at a pace, with the launch of equipment in Q1 of 2021 and then they will be introducing ‘Build to Win’!

‘Build to Win’ is where you can purchase individual golf hole NFT, put together your favourite set up of 9 or 18 holes and then Mint your own Golf Course.

FLEX central here so it is possible to have memberships of your club, gaining assets and fees for play as well as hosting competitions and more importantly you name the course!

To conclude, I can see the cnft-news open being played on the FreshMints old course in the future!!! Consider my mind well and truly blown!

Finally, the actual game is expected to be released late 2022 and based on the amount of planning and thought that has gone into this project so far, anyone buying into this project is in for one hell of a ride!

How to Join the Fun

You can support and join in this fabulous community in the usual ways by following them on twitter and I urge you to Join them in Discord for a hugely enjoyable experience:

Final Thought’s

I have already seen some other projects begin to show the transparency and community engagement that Pixel Links Golf is quickly establishing, always looking for new and innovative ways to engage and reward its hugely supportive community, I have bought into the Vision personally and I hope you can all see the benefits as well.

If your project would like to be featured by FreshMints contact Clay by DM on the FreshMints twitter.

If you have enjoyed this article and found it informative, please follow myself and FreshMints on twitter and tell a friend, so we can grow the community.

By Marty

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