Pixel Links Announce ‘Battle Golf’

On Tuesday we had an interview with FreshMints and the Pixel Links Golf team of Bill and Alex. It was at that interview that they decided to drop an exclusive about their project.

The exclusive was how they intended to make sure that owners of every Pixel Link Golfer NFT from very early on would be able to have fun and more importantly to have ‘Play to Win’ opportunities. They call it ‘Battle Golf’!

What is ‘Battle Golf’?

This is a knockout, 32-person tournament, where the survivor moves on and the loser is eliminated. You compete against the other golfers based on your NFTs attributes. The factor that decides the winner is a randomly chosen attribute, with the NFT that has the higest score in that attribute progressing. This continues until there is only one surviving golfer.

Think of a bracket type competition much like the world cup. It is a progression based competition, where you win a higher category of golfer if you beat the other 31 players.

How do I play ‘Battle Golf’ and is it fair?

Long in the planning and hidden away until just before launch, ‘Battle Golf’ is a game that utilises all the existing statistics that will be usable in the full final game.

It’s structure is very well thought out and when you look at it in detail you can see the amount of preparation in advance that it took to make this fit their NFT model.

Every Golfer NFT will be minted with individual randomised statistics, which are the 5 numbers you see at the bottom of the NFT.

From Left to right these are Ability, Power, Stamina, Control and Composure. These are the five skills that they will use to compete in ‘Battle Golf’.

Because every golfer has a random allocation of skill points and each skill point can be from 1-10 this makes an amazing level playing field for a random battle based game.

They also want to keep the game fair by having each golfer only participate in it’s own category.

Categories are determined by the total number of Skill points that a golfer has. A hack golfer has 5-24 points, an amateur golfer has 25-34 skill points, an expert has 35-44 skill points and a professional has 45-49 skill points. The champion golfers are all 50 points and cannot compete in this tournament as they are the pinnacle.

Where this is extremely clever is that 2 golfers in the hack category with say 23 skill points each. Player 1 could have a 6, 6, 4, 4, 3 breakdown and player 2 might be 1, 2, 5, 10, 5 and many other wide ranging variations.

If these two hack golfers met in ‘Battle Golf’ player 1 would win if Ability or Power was rolled at random, and player 2 would win if Stamina, Control or Composure were to roll. I can see endless amounts of people shouting as at the screen while the randomiser rolls.

Because of the randomness of the rolls in each category, this game of ‘Battle Golf’ should mean that all most any minted golfer should be able to win in its own category.

When you win, you then recieve a golfer of the next highest category, so in this case an amateur golfer. This will then allow you to compete at a higher level in the 25-34 skill point range, but also as you keep the original NFT you can still compete at hack as well.

This allows every player the opportunity of ‘Play to Win’ were they can increase their clubhouse of golfers by taking part in this fun mini game of ‘Battle Golf’. Eventually with enough play you could have Golfer NFTs in every category.

How can I play ‘Battle Golf’?

To be eligible to play ‘Battle Golf’ you must first own a Pixel Links Golf NFT of any category.

I want to BATTLE!!!

These will be available from Friday 22nd October 2021 at 9pm UTC (10pm BST) at a mint cost of 40 Ada. You can go to their discord and twitter using the links below

Once you have a golfer thats eligible, you then pay a 1 Ada fee to enter the tournament and have your golfer registered and checked to be valid.

You then get to enjoy the community banter and all the fun and flexing that goes on in these types of competitions.

Community First!

Bill and Alex have preached a community first ethos from their first entrance into the Cardano space. Having this little gem tucked away for the community to enjoy and to be able to progress their own clubhouse of golfers.

This could have been used for a second launch of an NFT, it could have been kept back and used as an early part release of the game but they want the community to be able to enjoy fun and friendship with great competition as soon as possible after their launch.

I for one will be minting these, because if the fun and entertainment after the project goes live is anything like it has been to date they are on to a winner. I want to play this game already and I think you will want to as well.

I have so many amazing looking NFTs in my wallet, now i can take mine out and compete! See you all on the Battlefield!!!!

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