In the words of the immortal Snoop Dogg these Hot new NFTs are coming to you Wednesday 27th October 19:00 UTC. These Ships of the dessert will be ‘Dropping and they’re Hot!’ Ok so it’s not the correct lyric but I liked it better that way.

What is the Camel Club?

The camel club is a collection of 8,888 camels that live on the Cardano Blockchain. They have over 110 attributes available and each camel NFT is unique. They also have a developing Camel Story on their website.

All camel holders are granted exclusive membership to The Camel Club, which will include a members only game; Top Humps. This is scheduled for release in Q4 2021.

The concept of the Camel Club was thought up by the project’s manager and designer @BILB and the team Development manager @SEÑOR CAMEL.

Having completed the early parts of their plan including design and development of their NFT and writing the first part of Camel Story. I will now tell you what’s to come from this FreshMints featured developer in the next stages of their roadmap.

What Is Camel Club’s Roadmap?

Q4 2021

Camel club have an exciting and challenging roadmap ahead which all begins with the Launch of the Mint on Wednesday 27th October 2021 at 19:00 UTC at a minting cost of 46 Ada (plus transaction fee).

After the sale of the NFTs are complete, they have decided that they want to support The Afghanistan Refugee Crisis Appeal by the British Red Cross. They have pledged to give 5% of the proceeds to this very important relief mission and we at cnft-news fully commend them for this effort.

Once this has taken place they intend to airdrop special edition NFTs to all Camel holders as early adopters to grant them access to future pre-sale drops and for potential future utility.

On completion the plan is to split 3% of the royalties from the sale equally 50/50 between the creators and the holders. This will be airdropped weekly on a per camel basis.

At this point they wish to begin designing a limited edition parody series called Camel Club: Wall Of Fame and to launch it once completed.

Again in a very charitable move they have decided to donate 20% of the proceeds from this particular drop to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Wild Camel Protection Foundation through local safari partnership.

Their next step is to Launch Top Humps in a ‘Play to Earn’ pokemon style battle system were camel holders will use the camels attacks and abilities based on attributes to win.

Finally for Q4 2021, they want to begin Camel Story part 2 and start setting up Camel Club 2: Mini Humps artwork.

Its going to be a very hectic and fun time for the developers during the next few months as they strive to achieve all these landmarks.

The amount of interaction with the community and development of the game will certainly help make this drop hotter than the Sahara.

“This project has more parts than me!”

Q1 2022

This is when the developers expect the launch of Camel Club: Mini Humps and they intend to then fully integrate them into the Top Humps game.

They also intend to have special NFT airdrops for holders of both Camel Club and Mini Humps during this period.

Then they want to start to focus on Camel Story Part 3.

Q2 2022

This is when the developers intend to begin Camel Club 3(D) and put in place both the artwork and design for this new part of the project. The release date is still to be determined but is expected in Q2 2022.

Once the 3(d) design is complete they intend to develop a game in line with the project.

Finally in Q2 they will be doing further airdrops for loyal holders of all 3 Camel Club projects to date.

Q3 2022

In Q3 2022 (approximately a year from now) they fully expect to have the launch of the new Camel 3(D) game and they will be inviting collaborations with other projects that they admire and want to work with in the CNFT space.

What’s in it for me?

Well there are of course all of the above noted airdrops and games the developer has in store and the bright and vibrant artwork. They already have 4200 followers on twitter, 5400 in their discord and are still 3 days away from their drop. NFTs are a very personal thing and holding one can be for a variety of reasons. In this case it could be because you love the project or because you believe in any of the charities they are supporting. If this is your first time buying an NFT its a bit like buying a camel, once you get over the first hump the rest is easy!

Remember if you are intending to buy any NFT you should do your own due diligence when looking at a project and make sure that money you invest is money you can afford.

How can I support Camel Club?

As usual you can support them by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter in order to keep up to date with all the latest Camel Club related news. Ultimately if you really like what the developer is doing, then you can turn up for them on Wednesday 27th October 2021 at 19:00 UTC and take home a newly minted Camel at a cost of 46 Ada (plus transaction fee).

Don’t be a C-hump like Donald Hump.

Join their discord and follow them on Twitter

Camel Club | 27 OCT 19:00 UTC (@CamelClubNFT) / Twitter

Camel Club (

Final Thoughts

I wish the developers all the best with their drop on Wednesday and I for one hope they get their just ‘Desert’s’. You see what I did there? If they follow their roadmap I think it will ultimately become a path to their success.

Can I also give you my worst dad joke about camels before I finish the article?

What did one camel say to the other camel? Long time no sea!

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