Who are CryptoDragons?

CryptoDragons were designed by siblings when they were students back in 2017. They were one of the first to set up a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2018.

They aim to raise funds to support local animal shelters with a proportion of the proceeds.

They have since expanded into the Algorand, Solana and Cardano blockchains. This makes them one of a few multi blockchain providers of NFTs.

Which makes them available to us CNFT supporters.

They were one of the first to get listed as a provider in 2018, this is shown in the incryptohub NFT archaeology list

NFT Archaeology » InCrypto Hub

These are not to be confused with the new project which is called CryptoDragons.com and are the original OG NFT providers. There are other similar projects and mobile games using the Crypto Dragons name but they are in no way affiliated with this longstanding team.

What do CryptoDragons look like?

They are cute and cuddly dragons that have randomised features and rarities.

How cute are these?

But as you would expect from an OG NFT these can be very collectable.

CryptoDragons Halloween Sale

CryptoDragons are currently very active on all the blockchains, as they have a Halloween collection, which they have made available at a discounted rate. They have a B2G1 promotion on all blockchains in the month of October. Don’t be dragon your heels as these they will fly off the shelves. Their season 1 pre-sale have completely sold out and season 2 pre-sale are 90% gone. The earlier seasons have already closed but they are currently minting Live on Cardano for season 3 which includes Halloween, rare and semi-rare CryptoDragons . You can alternatively buy them on the secondary market. The rare Halloween CryptoDragons are available for 150 Ada on Tokhun which is a discounted price.

Bright Future Plans Ahead!

CryptoDragons have also updated their roadmap to incorporate plans to introduce breeding within the CryptoDragon community. This will take place in Q2 of 2022 and you will need to hold 2 CryptoDragons to be able to breed. Who doesn’t want a baby dragon, am I right? In Q3 of 2022 they also plan to introduce an evolution serum to allow CryptoDragons to be evolved and changed in many new and wonderous ways. So, watch this space. They are also offering a special Dark Dragon if you are able to collect certain traits, full details of this special drop, other great offers and also the full roadmap are explained on their website which is listed below.

How else can I support CryptoDragons?

As usual you can show your support by looking at their website, following them on twitter and joining their discord on the following links:

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