A recent history of LionLegends NFT

After blowing up the CNFT space with their amazing 3d art and a community growth model any new NFT developer would love, LionLegends hit a rocky patch just before their launch.

With high profiled members of the community having doubts about their project just before the original Launch on 22nd October 2021, and the fact that they ended up having to reschedule the release date due to last minute minting issues, it would have been easy for this team to just disappear without a trace after their full mint took place.

The fud and the problems with the launch didn’t harm the project. They in fact released some amazing graphics showing the build-up and creation of the Lions and regained it’s footing before the relaunch. The community always loved the art and stuck with them on their journey although some did it with a fear in the back of their mind.

LionLegends NFT try to protect their launch

To try to reduce the chance of bots over-running the sale especially with the demand for the project, LionLegends decided to try to keep the address for minting secret until the last minute. They also made the maximum mint that a person could have from a single wallet as 1 (this second part worked extremely well as there are 4.6k holders currently from 5555 minted).

The Lions Catch a Cheetah!

Unfortunately, in the process of trying to protect the community by making it difficult for bots, they unfortunately left a back door open for a devious Mod in their chat (our cheetah). The Mod who was known as King D posted an address on a different channel to a wallet of his own. This post was placed into another channel and not the video-ama channel that had been used by the proper team. Whilst the team caught on quickly to this scam, unfortunately approximately 1060 transactions were sent to the wallet before it was stopped. In my opinion the popularity of the project and the FOMO made people less diligent when checking the address and details. In total he/she scammed a total of around 58300 ADA. The project fully sold out 5555 lions in 23 minutes as a testament to its overall appeal.

LionLegends to the rescue

The team had warned people only to take the address from the one placed by Bananaman, and so had every right to just walk away and leave the poor scammed people out of pocket.

There is a saying about having the Heart of a Lion! Well, NALA and Bananaman, this amazing team proved that they have heart and that they are not just talking a good game about protecting the community.

They immediately took the bull by the horns and decided (in my opinion before they even knew the ultimate cost to the project) to ensure that anyone scammed by King D would be refunded by the Lions.

This is a huge gesture to the community, if you guys don’t get behind the project after this, well I think that’s a shame. They then stayed up all night alongside some other supporting companies to ensure that every single person who was scammed received a full refund or a lion if available. That’s next level commitment to doing the right thing at any cost to themselves.

I for one must hold my hands up and say that I was worried pre-launch about minting because of the fud. I can also admit that I thought that the way they released the address was confusing and made it difficult to be sure you were sending to the correct address (I tweeted as such).

However, we must as a community stand together against the con men and women who look to destroy this great frontier of progress. I for one am fully won over by this amazing team and I hope that they get the future support from the community that they deserve.

Please Support LionLegends!

After this amazing gesture I believe the least we can do is follow them on twitter, join their discord and look forward to their next project, with outstanding art and a great team behind it.

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