Owls don’t give a Hoot about you!

Unfortunately, I must once again report a rugpull that happened on 28th October 2021 at around 1am BST. The Owls_w_attitude team decided to pull the plug on their full operation leaving the 461 purchasers of owls high and dry.

A concerned community member Kumori noticed the site was down and then tried to contact the team involved with no success. To his credit he raised the alarm so that others who had purchased the Owls would know what had happened.

It is horrible to see these sort of rugpulls in the community because people buy-in to the concept, the people, and the art of NFT’s and for quite a few of these purchasers it was their first NFT they had minted.

This as you would expect has left a sour taste in the mouths of both new and OG purchasers of the Owls alike.

Kumori then reached out to his other community friends in the Cardano space to see if anyone would be able to help the affected members. He was astonished and uplifted by the community reaction so far and I thought I would get the word out to see if we can do some more as a group to help.

Developers and Owners unite!

Immediately after the raising of the alarm a few members of the community and developers started reaching out to begin a bail-out for the Owl holders.

How can I exchange my Owl?

Developers who offered help

The first group to offer help in the form of direct trades are Pixel Links Golf, they are willing to trade for free 50 golfers to help the cause, and as they put it to provide a community for the traders. You can trade your Owl with them by contacting either Bill or Alex on either their Twitter or Discord below and they have a new mini game coming out on 3/11/2021 called BattleGolf so you could also get involved with that. Normally these cost 40 Ada to mint. I think 12 have already gone from the 50.

Mechverse have also kindly offered to exchange 10 owls for 10 MechVerse Privates and this can be done by contacting them directly again using Discord and by DM to Bolt-MechVerse who runs the project. They are asking the people who exchange to meet the mint cost of 2 Ada as part of the exchange. Their one mech pack is currently on access pre-sale at 17 Ada.

Next is Cardanodonuts who have also offered 10 donuts for trade to help the owl owners find a new home. So far 2 owls have been exchanged and they will be getting a Donut that was part of the “tests”. This token can be used/switched in exchange for 2 donuts from the Main Drop. Their drop is 16th November 2021 at 8pm UTC and will be 22 Ada per mint. So in this case you get 2 donuts for an Owl. You can join their Twitter or Discord to get your exchange.

Next, we have the Lazy Apes Club who have said they will exchange 5 Lazy Apes on their mint day for Owls on a draw basis which will be conducted by Kumori. Their mint day is 5th November 2021 and Kumori’s draw will include the people who have waited till then and he will choose 5 winners. Lazy Apes club will cost 50 Ada at mint.

All the above projects deserve our respect and admiration for choosing to go out of their way to try to help others, you can support them all by joining their Discords and following them on Twitter. You can also get involved with any project you choose and become part of this amazing Cardano family we are trying to cultivate into something special.

Community members to the rescue

Several of the Cardano community have decided to jump on board with trying to help the 461 owls that had been minted. The members below have pledged the following assets to help the cause.

Edward Becoat (@BecoatEdward) / Twitter Has pledged 1 baby alien club

Brandomoki (@Parapooperpitts) / Twitter Has pledged 1 ADAPunkz

G₳bor L₳𝕊zlo H₳jb₳ 🌖 🎶🎧 (@ghajba) / Twitter Has pledged 2 ADAPunkz

NFTcobra (@NFTCobra) / Twitter Has pledged 2 ADAPunkz

These amazing members of the community have reached out and are pillars who we should respect.

Please follow them on Twitter and blow up their accounts for their generosity.

It’s not too late to help

Any developer or member off the community who wants to help show how caring this group of people can be. You can donate to the people affected by the Owls rugpull, please get in touch with the gentleman who started this whole thing of by raising the alarm. Again, please give him a follow and blow up his Twitter for the help he has provided as a focal point for this bail-out.

(1) Kumori 🤠 (@Kumori_Shinobi) / Twitter

He has managed with limited resources to round up 80+ options for the 461 Owl owners, if we all start to look to help, think how amazing it would be to help them all. Let everyone you can know about this ‘SAVE THE OWLS’ campaign and maybe its possible that Karma will pay you all back in kind.

Rest assured I will always be writing about stories that show the heart of this community and I will do a follow up in which anyone who comes forwards to help will be commended and shown the respect they deserve for these kind gestures.

How can I help cnft-news

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