Who are Lazy Apes Club?

The Lazy Apes Club is a series of utility based NFT on the Cardano blockchain. Their initial Series is comprised of 10,000 unique Lazy Apes. Each of the Lazy Apes has been randomly generated from dozens of hand-crafted traits to give you a unique NFT. 

Lazy Apes Club say that they have designed their roadmap with the community at the forefront. They have said that rather than releasing series after series and making the community continually pay the team to mint new collections, all collections within the Lazy Apes Club Community will provide unique utility to their holders.

The drop of their main series will require ADA to mint. However, they plan to introduce their own utility currency that can be used for future mints and series.

What is the roadmap of Lazy Apes Club?

Q4 2021

  • Launch series 1 of 10,000 Lazy Apes.
  • Hire a team to develop Series 2 and beyond.
  • Design artwork for Series 2 Collection: 5,000 Baby Kongs.
  • Develop and implement Burn-to-Mint Smart Contract into website for Series 2 release.
  • ​Release Series 2: 5,000 Baby Kongs.
  • Create exclusive Discord Community for Lazy Apes Club holders.
  • ​Finalize development and initial utility for our legally compliant utility token $DNA.

It’s Hard to Esc-Ape the fact that this is a lot to do within the next 7-8 weeks, it’s going to be a busy period for them if they are to meet these goals but hopefully they have the Ape-Titude to pull it off.

Q1-Q2 2022 (Including Ape-Ril)

  • Shortly after all Baby Kongs have been minted, holders of the remaining 5,000 Series 1 Lazy Apes will begin receiving daily $DNA tokens.
  • ​They intend to develop and integrate a system to claim $DNA tokens through their website.
  • Start ​to design the artwork for the Series 3 Collection: TBD
  • Develop and implement Burn-to-Mint Smart Contract into their website for all future releases, requiring wallets to hold at least 1 Baby Kong and send a predetermined amount of $DNA to receive all future collections.
  • ​Begin developing characters in future collections that will be usable within the Pavia.io metaverse and other interoperable metaverses.

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Look for community feedback on desired utility for Series 3/4 Collections within the LAC (Lazy Apes Community).
  • ​Obtain community vote on which charity to donate 25% of all collected royalties to.
  • ​They intend on having community sentiment largely drive the direction of their project. Thus, by this stage, once significant development has occurred, they want the community to drive the further development of the project.
  • ​So, if the community want development of a game/metaverse, well… maybe. But it certainly will not be a fast process.

What is $DNA?

$DNA is the utility token for the Lazy Apes Club ecosystem. Following the release of Baby Kongs, all holders of Lazy Apes Collection will be able to claim 5 $DNA every day for ten years. The Baby Kongs holders will be able to claim 2 $DNA every week for ten years. Thus, every year 9,645,000 $DNA will be created by their Lazy Apes and Baby Kongs holders. 

The key utility for $DNA is its function in minting collections within the Lazy Apes Club ecosystem. $DNA must be burnt to mint all collections in their ecosystem following the release of Baby Kongs.

They also plan to implement utility with $DNA permitting holders to burn small amounts of $DNA to give customized names to their Lazy Apes and Baby Kongs and create their biographies for these collections.

What do Lazy Apes Cost to Mint?

The cost to mint a Lazy Ape is 35 ADA for the first 5,000 apes and 50 ADA for the rest .

The Mint address is posted on their Discord and Twitter.

When was the Lazy Apes Club Drop?

The launch commenced on November 5, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. UTC. and they are still currently minting.

Lazy Apes Club community spirit?

After the Owls with attitude pulled their own Monkey Business with their rugpull, Lazy Apes Club quickly jumped in to offer 5 Lazy Apes to the people affected. These sorts of gestures from developers like themselves, Pixel links golf, The MechVerse and Cardano Donuts means that we are seeing the real community projects who care about people and are willing to help in times of need. I believe that we should support those who support us in the Cardano community. So once again I’d personally like to thank them for all their efforts in this regard.

How can I support Lazy Apes club?

As usual you can support them by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter in order to keep up to date with all the latest Lazy Apes related news. Ultimately if you really like what the developer is doing, then you can adopt a newly minted Lazy Ape at a cost of 35 Ada (plus transaction fee) currently.

Remember as with any purchase of any NFT you should always do your own research before purchasing and never use money you can’t afford to lose.

Final Thoughts

I wish the developers all the best with their continued sale. They have a very interesting take and use of the smart contracts on the Cardano Blockchain and its nice to see people trying new things and supporting the community in this space.

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