Who is Mosie?

Mosie is a professional artist from Canada who has been involved with the Cardano blockchain from the early days.

I would define him as an Indie underground artist who values good people, time, and the environment. He is always willing to go out of his way to help upcoming projects and developers. I think you could say he epitomises the phrase ‘Cardano First!’

Having spoken with him for some time I believe that he would like to be known for his art, his music, his caring and most of all for being a good father.

He is a person who goes the extra mile to give advice and help to those new to this space and who, through his actions and many collaborations so far, has proven that he is a hugely important member of the Cardano family (not as mafia as it sounds).

Community Builds piece by piece

What would I have seen Mosie do in the past?

You may know Mosie for his appearances on Gaming Cardano’s twitch or VR platforms, or for the way that he worked tirelessly as a moderator for Sam during his launch of the amazing Deep Visions A.I. project, but in the end what he most wants you to think of him as is an artist. He also creates cartoons and matches them with amazing sound and music.

He has his own Twitch stream and discord channel where people who enjoy his art, and his friendly ways can go to see when his next Drops and collaborations will be. He has very kindly allowed me to showcase his work for you in my article today.

If you participate in a random drop, he has a Roll Call reward system for his NFT holders, were specific pooples and numbers are called out and you have a week to respond. After responding a 1 of 1 custom creation will be sent to your wallet as soon as possible. Another aspect of the random drops is that if your poople includes another projects piece of work hidden within it, that allows you to do something fun with the other project that you found.

He also has a YouTube channel in which highlights his Twitch stream.

Also his work including Turbo Egon, Veritree and Adam Dean. With all the proceeds going to Veritree.

Mosie is what I refer to as a ‘Giver’, he loves nothing more than to make people happy through either his help or his art. People like Mosie in the community need to be supported by us for the tireless way they try to help young projects build and to help existing projects succeed. If we had another 1 million Mosies in the world it would be a hell of a nicer place to live.

If you need someone to bounce ideas off and to provide honest and informed responses, he will always be there to lend a hand or help you talk out ideas.

Below is a selection of the many diverse and talented things that Mosie has brought to life.

Worlds full of imagination!

Beautifully constructed

Do you ‘C’ what he did there?

A Nice ‘Peace’ here

Stunning backdrops

Phenomenal layering and depth

The Cult of ADA has Begun

Some Fancy Boarding Dude!

Mosie has also been commissioned to create a unique piece for WombatBill from Pixel Links Golf. He was asked to produce art that reflected Bill’s Wombat persona and also his project. Bill is so thrilled with the outcome that he has given us his permission to display it in our article.

Looks like Wombat Hunting season to me!

How do I support Mosie?

You can support Mosie if you like him and/or his art by following him on twitter, joining his discord and website, but most of all by buying his latest NFT collection. This is the latest option of his many projects ready to mint, so you can support him by buying one of these amazing Deanos at a cost of 25 ADA. They are expected to be available on 13th November 2021. Say hello to my little friend!!

Get me before I go Extinct!


We as a community always talk about supporting artists in this Cardano Space, but a lot of the time we don’t go out of our way to find and support the hard-working artists trying to do it on their own, without a huge following or developer behind them.

If you are a developer and if any of Mosie’s styles appeal to you or you need someone to help you develop a concept or idea and make it come to life, Mosie is your man. He is very quick to point out that whilst he has done a lot of comedy art in the past, he can also produce amazing pieces that are more mainstream, and he can also turn his art to any style you require. Give him a chance you will thank me later.

Through his layering techniques for his art, he has become exceptional at having a piece of work look stunning at first glance only to find upon closer inspection incredible detail hidden within.

Mosie shout outs!

Mosie said none of this would be possible without the support of his amazing son Weeman, and wicked partner in crime Alyssa.

Mosie has asked me to give a massive shout out to Marshall Chow, and the Mermada team for making his fun mints happen and for helping and teaching him a lot about the minting process. Marshall makes the random happen so he can work and focus on the art. Mermada always has the answers anytime he needs them, or when the process becomes confusing.

Mosie has told me about the amazing group of friends and colleagues that support him in his projects and everyday life. The most important of these being The Sheriff, Sam (Cryptoverse/DeepVision), Llama, Gaming Cardano, EVERY PROJECT (all 71) who took a chance with him for community collaborations. SoftKittyTaco and the PurritoCoin team for putting their faith in him and their wonderful hearts. Jub for pushing him and telling him he enjoyed his art. Also, every single person who has bought or enjoyed his art and NFTs and allowed him to make a living doing something he loves.

Final Thoughts

When I first met Mosie and saw his art I thought it had a Monty Python like quality, it made me laugh, it made me feel young again and I couldn’t wait to see what ideas he would come up with next. Mosie is the sort of hard-working artist who needs a break with a big project to really unleash all the talent within. I for one will support him any way I can along his journey.

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