What is happening at Lion Legends?

Since their hugely successful launch, which saw a full sell out of the 5555 Lions in just 23 minutes (available at a mint cost of 55 ADA), Lion Legends core team have been working hard to give the community a better picture of where the project is going. You can also see from the article picture that a new secret NFT is on its way in Season 2 on 10th December 2021.

A few days ago, they have begun to release the fruits of their labours. Now we can see the future a lot more clearly for this great project.

After an amazing amount of hype prior to launch the floor price rocketed almost immediately to around 150 ADA and then slowly went into a period of consolidation as the community waited to see what’s next for the Lions. Almost all projects go through this period when the mint flippers move on from the project.

The floor had dropped back to around mint price of 55 ADA before the Lion Legend team produced the updated road map and since then in a few days the floor is already 90 ADA with the hype returning for their project.

Lion Legends new roadmap update, new character glimpses and Ecosystem reveals are the reason for the new hype.

What is in the Lion Legends New Roadmap?

As you can see above the roadmap has almost reached stage 2 with the second drop and introduction of the new character on the 10th of December 2021.

Anyone holding a Lion Legends NFT before 19th of November 2021 is whitelisted for the second drop on the 10th of December 2021. Price and further details to be determined. But as you can see from the article’s main picture a secret new NFT is on its way.

The future airdrop in February 2022 is obtained by people who hold both Season 1 and 2 Lions. Which should encourage holders of both going forwards.

The Lions also have a Legendary Long-term plan for stages of the project as detailed in the picture below.

These are all the longer-term goals for the projects and where they currently are in the process of achieving them.

But the most important detail is the implementation of Lion Legends Ecosystem. Which is coming in Q1 2022, and we have finally received details of what it looks like.

5 Things to Know about Lion Legends Ecosystem

  1. Staking of Lion Legends Season 1 NFT will be rewarded a Lion Legends token. The official name of this token will be revealed in January (got to be Simba coin am I right? lol).
  2. For every day holding a Season 1 Lion you can redeem X amount of Lion Legends tokens per day for the next 5 years.
  3. You can also redeem the Lion Legends Tokens based on the rarity score of your Lion from Season 1. Rarity is taken from cnft.tools to make sure it is fair. This redemption may only be completed once, not every time they change hands.
  4. Staking for the project will begin in January or February 2022.
  5. Starting in Q1, you can use the Lion Legend tokens.

All the various plans being implemented by Lion Legends seem to be the catalyst behind the new surge in the price of the existing NFTs. This is because new adopters and holders alike can now begin to see the overall utility with the project.

What can I use Lion Legends tokens for?

You can use the tokens for three things starting off with the expectation of more utility in the future.

  1. Give a nickname to your Lion on the Metadata (limited time offer).
  2. Convert a Lion jpeg NFT to a GIF NFT (limited time offer).
  3. Breed 2 Lions NFT from Season 1 and 2 to form a 3D Avatar that is compatible with any standard Metaverse platform. The two NFT’s used for breeding will be burned or locked away in a smart contract. The newly generated 3D Avatar NFT will have the same staking rewards as the season 1 Lion.

So how can I find out more about Lion Legends?

Nala has decided to run an open AMA for all the Lion Legends community to participate in on the 28th of November 2021. The time of this is yet to be finalised due to time zones. However, to make the AMA as transparent as possible Nala has asked us at cnft-news to co-host with her. I will be acting on behalf of the NFT holders to allow all questions you have to be put to the development team. This will mean gathering an initial set of questions the community has and then by having any further questions (which will be inputted live by the community in the discord server) be fully answered. It is not possible to have everyone speaking at once on discord so I will put all your questions directly to the team on your behalf. Any questions you ask will be dealt with in the session or followed up afterwards.

When is the second drop for Lion Legends?

As stated a few times in the article already, Lion Legends Season 2 will be available on the 10th of December 2021 and will include the new mysterious character.

How can I support Lion Legends?

As usual you can support them by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest Lion Legends related news. You can also if you decide to buy into the project purchase Lions on the secondary market and finally on 10th of December 2021 you can mint a Season 2 Lion Legends NFT. This is not financial advice. The main reason to purchase a Lion Legends NFT or any other NFT is that you love the project, art and what they are trying to do.

Remember when you own an NFT you can do what you want with it! Here’s my rework! (from my own Lion just above). I’d be ‘Lion’ if I told you I didn’t love him.

This is my King of the Jungle

Minted Day 1!

Final Thoughts

I wish the developers all the best with their second drop. As you see I hold a Lion and for full disclosure I will be minting another for Season 2. Remember that with any investment you make you should never spend money that you can’t afford to lose. Any Investment specialist will also tell you that you should never keep all your eggs in one basket. Diversification of a portfolio means that you reduce the risk that all the investments will drop in price at the same time. Through diversification, investors can offset losses on some investments with gains on others.

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