For those of you who aren’t yet aware, the guys over at Pixel Links, are doing some impressive stuff in the Cardano Community! I’ve been a follower of their project for a couple of months now and have been lucky enough to witness the evolution first-hand. The two project leads (PixelLinksAlex and WombatBill) are two of the hardest working and most friendly people I’ve come across in my time so far across all the projects in the Cardanoverse. When I look at a project, the first and most important thing I like to check is how active the Devs are in the Discord. From Day One, these guys have been there at the community’s beck and call to provide answers for any and all questions in a prompt and informative manner.

Not only have these guys been super busy with their own project and community involvement, but they also went out of their way (unprompted, I might add) to help out members of the Cardano Community that were victims of the Owls with Adatude rugpull that happened last month. I was one of the victims of this rugpull and decided to try and get some donations together to help others like myself who had lost out. Pixel Links were one of the first projects to reach out and offered to exchange up to FIFTY(!) of people’s Owls for one of their own Tiny Golfer CNFTs. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the last rugpull and a little over a week later, Underwater Club also swam off into the night with people’s hard-earned ADA. Luckily for the Cardano Community, Pixel Links spoke up once again and offered another 10 of their Tiny Golfers to those affected.

When I think of the Cardano Community at this very early stage, I really do think of it as a family that looks out for one another and actions such as the above only further my belief in that.

So, What Exactly is Pixel Links?

Firstly, in the Team’s own words: “Pixel Links NFTs are non-fungible tokens used as Characters and Equipment to create your Pixel Links Golfer, and as Golf Holes used to create your Pixel Links Golf Course. Players of Pixel Links can collect, develop, and compete with the Pixel Links NFTs.”.

In its purest form, Pixel Links is an in-development Play2Win Golf game on the Cardano Blockchain with Utility CNFTs. So, what does that actually mean? Well folks, what that means is that you will be able to use your minted Tiny Golfer CNFTs to compete against others on the virtual Links courses. Each Tiny Golfer has its own set of statistics ranging from 1-10, which will determine how well they perform. These five stats are: Ability, Composure, Stamina, Power and Control. The higher the value of each stat, the better equipped your Tiny Golfer will be at that element of their game.

Golf but without all that walking!

So, What’s Next for Pixel Links Golf?

They are also currently developing a single player game codename ‘The Gauntlet’ which will be a Play2Earn experience in which you can participate as many times as you like to win various ADA and other prizes including a Jackpot prize which accumulates from all players. This is expected to be arriving sometime after Xmas and once again shows that this team is outperforming its roadmap and whitepaper. They have regular new innovations occurring and as well as all the above progress they also have the first part of the game proper under development in the form of the driving range. They hope to be able to give all Pixel Links NFT holders the opportunity to get playing with their golfers on the mini games within the driving range early in quarter one 2022.

There will also be additional Tokens in the form of Golfing Equipment that will help to boost your Tiny Golfer’s stats out on the course and driving range. Things such as clubs, bags, towels balls and even caddies will all be at your disposal to assist you in hitting that perfect drive out there in those blustery conditions. Yup, I said conditions! Weather will be another variable that you will have to contend with whilst you’re out on the fairways. From perfect, sunny days to 15mph winds and horizontal rain, you’ll be playing in all types of weather!

Of course, all this hard work and creativity takes time, so don’t expect to be stepping out onto the finished course next week! The Pixel Links main game is currently estimated to be released by the end of 2022. But that’s so far away, right? How will my impatient brain cope until such time as this game is released? Well, the answer to that question is simple, my friends:

Pixel Links Golf brings you BATTLEGOLF!

What? Huh? That’s right folks. I said BATTLEGOLF!

Whilst the Devs have been working away on the main game, they have also been quietly developing their first mini-game with CNFT Utility, titled BATTLEGOLF! This is streamed live over on the Pixel Links Discord so you can actually watch your Tiny Golfer do battle in real-time!

This mini-game is probably best described as “Tiny Golfer NFTs meets Top Trumps, entirely on the Blockchain”.

So, how does Battlegolf work?

Battlegolf currently consists of three tournament classifications. These are: Hack, Amateur and Expert. If you have a Tiny Golfer of one of those classes, you will be able to enter the relevant tournament for an entry fee of only 4 ADA. If you don’t have an eligible Tiny Golfer then fear not, as there is also a rental system where the team will rent you a Tiny Golfer for an additional cost of 2 ADA (6 ADA total) which you can then use to participate. Once 8 entrants have paid their entry fee, the fun can really begin!

Firstly, the 8 entrants are separated into brackets, which are then shuffled to ensure that it is completely random. Once these brackets have been decided, it’s time for our first two challengers to step up to the tee! The two challengers’ Tiny Golfers are pulled directly from the blockchain via a program that was created in-house and from scratch by the Devs themselves. Once the Golfers images and stats have been loaded side-by-side for all to see, it’s time for Battlegolf to commence! Once initiated, the program will randomly select one of the aforementioned stats that each Golfer possesses (Ability, Composure, Stamina, Power or Control) and whatever golfer has the higher score in that category will receive a point. It’s best two out of three so you still have an opportunity to come back if you’re behind. The victor then progresses to the next round until we have an outright winner.

The only Play2Earn game in town!

Win a Single match and you can’t lose!

Can your NFT win you ADA? Ours can!

Not happy with having one version of Battlegolf which is a Play2Win Model (where the winning player receives a freshly minted golfer), Pixel Links have now also introduced a Play2Earn Model with ADA prizes for all competitors. The amazing thing about this new Play2Earn Model is that you only need to triumph in a single round of Battlegolf to win back your entry fee, whilst progressing any further guarantees a profit. In order to help promote this new concept the Team have decided to run free Invitational events for two weeks.

Community Invitational Battlegolf giveaway events!

Pixel Links Golf are launching several Invitational tournaments that will be free to enter and will involve various projects within the community. For example, The Birdie Token Invitational tournament will be an invite-only event for members of their community, where they can compete in a free night of Battlegolf with Tiny golfer prizes for the winners.

Pixel Links will be doing quite a number of these during the first two weeks of the new Battlegolf Play2Earn as promotional events to let people see what both the game and the team are all about. If you’re a developer and want one of these great team building evenings for your community as a free night of entertainment, please feel free to get in touch with Bill and Alex and ask for the free promotional evening.

Winners of these events will also be Immortalised on the Pixel Links Clubhouse wall with a plaque to commemorates their victory. This will have the event name, date, and the winner. The hope is that if everyone has fun, these cross-community fun collaborations can become a staple in the future.

How can I support Pixel Links Golf?

As usual, you can support the Team by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their Discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news. You can also mint a golfer at a cost of 40 ADA and get involved in Battlegolf. They will provide you with a ‘Loaner’ golfer if you want to play Battlegolf to see if you like the community and game.

Finally, if you are part of another community, you can approach Bill or Alex to set up a specially tailored Invitational event.

This is not financial advice. The main reason to purchase a Pixel Links Golf NFT or any other NFT is that you love the project, art and what they are trying to do.

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