So, What Exactly is CNFT Predator?

CNFT Predator is a sniping tool that automates the process to allow you to carry out a large amount of searches over multiple sales platforms and to refresh those searches on a regular basis. Once it has identified a CNFT that matches your criteria it opens a direct window to the site and plays an audio file to alert you.

The tool was created because when the developers were getting into the CNFT space they noticed that searching for rarity, the latest listings and updates were all manual and very time consuming. You could also find it very difficult to keep an eye on multiple projects at the same time due to how much time it took.

So they decided to build the CNFT Predator platform to help the community deal with all the problems they found themselves.

Who developed CNFT Predator?

There are two main developers involved in the CNFT Predator project.

Nick is a web developer from Latvia with 5 years web and native application development experience who has a huge interest in both crypto and NFT’s.

Edoardo is a computer science enthusiast from Switzerland. He has a passion for music, fine arts and cinema. He has studied fine art for years, but it is in his creative capacity for discord bots and all other things in the CNFT space that he really excels.

Together they have put their combined knowledge and experience to the task of making life easier for the CNFT community in the form of the CNFT Predator sniping tool and analytics platform.

How does CNFT Predator work?

CNFT Predator has many features to allow you to automate multiple NFT searches which work in the background tirelessly to find the best NFT’s for your collection at the right price.

These are the services they provide.

Examples of CNFT Predator in action!

This is how the extension looks on Chrome:

This is the first screen you see on the predator extension once you have logged in and inserted the access key.

It shows the different options you can explore.

The main ones are NFT Hunt, Rarity Check and Drop Huntdown.

Saved Hunts are where you can see all the hunts you are currently performing.

But firstly, you will want to use the settings to get the predator looking for the correct marketplaces and search frequency. Whilst the frequency is showing as a time the tool has been updated (very recently) to real-time so you never miss a chance to snipe.

As you can see in this example it is searching, but you can choose other options.

You can also decide to have various things happen when a search matches your criteria. This can be opening a tab, continuing to search etc.

So, let’s start a hunt. If you return to the main menu and click on NFT Hunt this is the screen that appears.

It has both a price and a rarity slider option. The one in this picture has the slider at price.

To start your hunt on price, you simply choose a collection from the select collection tab and then put a price that you are willing to pay in the ADA section. Then hit start search and that’s it.

Simple as pie. Just sit back and watch for pop ups to the buy page on or other sites so you get a chance to snipe first.

On my first night of owning the tool I put in Equinepioneerhorses and 120 ADA and I managed to get 3 pop ups as soon as they were listed. I hit the buy button on and proceeded to pay. They were all smart contract enabled. Unfortunately, I hadn’t my Nami wallet set up for smart contracts with The sellers didn’t send them and backed out as the floor had risen. However, if I had the smart contracts enabled, it would have been three purchases made instantly with around 250-280 ADA profit total.

In this example I have pushed the slider across to rarity (this feature is currently in development). Once again, I firstly select the collection (Spacebudz in this case) and a maximum price I’m willing to pay.

But now I also get to move the slider along to search for a minimum of rank 3900 in this case (can be set to any figure) within the collection.

Once I hit start hunt it will look for a Spacebudz that is rank 3900 or lower and can be purchased under 5000 ADA. Again, a pop up will appear when a search is matched.

This is currently being developed by the team and once finalised it will allow you to quickly identify high rarities early after mint when not everyone knows the rarity and real value.

If you want to do a quick rarity check of an asset you want to buy or have in your collection you can simply go to the main menu and press rarity check.

The screen to the left is the one you will see; you then select the collection from the tab that you want to check and enter the asset serial number and it will do all the work for you. This one is for Derp Birds.

If you want to make sure you never miss a drop again you select the Drop Huntdown section on the main page.

You put the slider to create at the top of the page and you pick an upcoming drop for any new NFT mint and then hit save and it creates a drop notification.

Then if you move the slider over to saved it will show you this page.

Here you can set alarms to remind you of the drop, check when the next drop is your interested in and it also has a direct drop link to the website of the drop you want.

I’ve missed a few really good drops I wanted to mint because I was busy and forgot the time and I missed out on Mocossi for example.

That’s it in terms of an overview of the CNFT Predator extension but there is a lot more to come.

What’s Next for CNFT Predator?

These guys just don’t rest. They are already making your purchase of their tool even better with the Analytics Section of the extension’s website.

They are bringing in a section which has a complete breakdown of the market in their Market Overview tab on the website.

They also have a tab in the website that shows trending collections, volume traded, floor price and actual number of trades. This to help you identify projects you feel are going to boom and even ones you might feel it’s time to jump out off.

Finally, they are also bringing in Live analytics of assets and you will be able to link your wallets to them, so that you can keep track of the trends with NFT’s that you hold. Giving you all the information you need at a touch of a button to make informed decisions on your NFT portfolio.

There are many other great features on the way for the tool, we have spoken already about the rarity database that is being designed and implemented, but there are also the Trait and auction searchs which will be amazing for us all.

The rarity database is going to be available on this site to work with the Tool.

CNFT Jungle – Biggest CNFT asset database

It’s easy to see that the future is bright for this tool. All owners will benefit further as they introduce each of these great new features.

What’s Does CNFT Predator cost?

The CNFT Predator tool comes with a variety of different options to suit all budgets, here is a list of the ones currently available and what you get at each price point.

Sorry for the page break I needed to use it to show how many different options were covered.

The Team at CNFT Predator have very kindly offered a discount of 10% to all our readers who use the code: cnft-news with their purchase.

How can I purchase and support CNFT Predator?

As usual, you can support the Team by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their Discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news. You can also download the extension on chrome for CNFT Predator (link below). But ultimately you can support the team and their future updates and projects by purchasing a key for the CNFT Predator as detailed in our cost section earlier (access to which is in their discord, again the link is below).

This is not financial advice. The main reason to purchase the CNFT Predator is to save you time and hopefully if you use it wisely, to make a profit, or at a minimum to help you identify the NFT’s you want to buy more quickly and efficiently whilst you get on with your life. Time is money they always say, and this will save you lots of time, you do the math!

Chrome Extension :

Final Thoughts

I have used tools like this in games such as Path of Exile and it has allowed me to get many items for my build at a great price in the market. This provided me with a huge quality of life improvement in that game and I expect the same in the NFT world. Once you get a feel for using CNFT Predator I think you will find that it saves you time at the very least. Each person will use it differently and so they have different price structures. So, choose the one that suits you and happy hunting, I’m excited to see what I am going to hunt down with it next.

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