Mosie on down pardner and get yourself some of dem der bounties.

Which one of you nambie pambies are the law in these parts?

The whole damn thing is ran by The Sheriff, LOLCNFT and Mosie and a more rotten bunch of Lawmen you’ll never meet.

How do I get me some bounties?

Firstly, ya’ll just need to mint the “Scene” which will include a bounty poster for a known Outlaw at a cost of 15 ADA on the Monday 27th December 2021 at 4:20pm UTC. There are 1643 NFT’s scenes available.

Saloon Scene example

Can you see the fake poster (you need to zoom in).

There are a total of 69 known ADA rustlers in dem der hills and if you can find ’em you can bring ’em in dead or alive.

These are made up of people and groups who are active in the Cardano space and we are relying on you to bring them all to justice!!!

The bounty hunt begins the minute the mint has sold out and then its a free for all yeeehaaaa!

Once minting is complete there will be a one month period to capture or kill the bounty and if you don’t capture them in time, shucks the Outlaw gets to fight another day!

The Outlaw will then be still at large when we get into season 2 and the reward will increase as they have evaded capture and the season one bounty no longer is valid!

But its not as simple as it sounds some of the bad guys have put up fake bounties to throw the hunters of their trail.

So, you need to work out if your bounty is real or fake, if you capture a real outlaw you get 69 ADA and you get a “Kill Confirmed NFT”. If you get a fake you get no stake!

The “Wanted” poster in the scenes will make it obvious if its real or fake for example when you zoom in on the wanted poster in the scene it may be in ABA for the reward instead of ADA. Or the Outlaw in the poster will not be a Cardano community member.

Fake Poster example!

Real Outlaw Poster!

How do I claim my Reeeward!!

For cleaning up the streets you will receive 69 ADA for each Bounty you capture.

  1. Check your “Wanted” poster by zooming in to make sure its a real bounty.
  2. Figure out which bad guy you have captured/killed.
  3. Find the Outlaw and ask him for his wallet address.
  4. Decide to bring him in alive or dead and then send the Outlaw their bounty sheet.
  5. Prove to the Lawmen (with a tx id) that you have completed the bounty.
  6. Collect your reward and Lost Hope Ridge’s thanks.

There are also 2 additional rewards for the Bounty Hunter who completes a special mission first.

Propaganda Reward is earned if you remove all 30 fake outlaws wanted posters spread by the lily-livered gangs in Lost Hope Ridge. This is 150 ADA and will be provided when you show your wallet to the Lawmen as proof of removing all the propaganda (only the first person to do this will get the reward).

Lost Hope Ridge Scenery Reward is earned by collecting all 20 scenes available in the mint and again by giving proof (via wallet address) of holding them (again only for the first person to complete the task).

How do I get involved with the Bounty Hunt?

You can get involved by taking part in their Retweet competition which will be going live in the next few days.

If you get the most retweets before the mint you will win special Swag Bag with various NFT’s from the projects involved.

You can also join the discord and visit the website. This is going to be a lot of fun pardner, go catch those outlaws and grab all the bounties. But most importantly turn up on Monday 27th December 2021 at 4:20pm UTC and mint the scenes for 15 ADA and go have fun tracking down the outlaws.

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