What is Cardano Legends?

Cardano Legends is an upcoming action turn-based play-to-earn (P2E) game, built on the Cardano blockchain. You must build your team with mighty legends to defeat your foes, fight other players, upgrade your warriors, and earn currency with real life value.

The story is that a time warp distortion has caused warriors from different timelines to be summoned in a fantasy world with… monsters?!

Your role is to collect and build your team of legends to face these foes!

The team of developers at Cardano Legends have been working hard to put in place the pre-launch sales in the final quater of 2021 (with the final one being on the 5th January 2022 at 8pm UTC) and are now looking forward to the main release in the new year.

Who are the team behind Cardano Legends?

Firstly, we have Rosemort who is the creator of the project and visionary, he is also heavily involved with both the game development and art side of the project.

Secondly, we have Pirate Monkey the lead artist. Who works closely with Rosemort and the projects graphic artist Quantum Garaa.

Then we have Katsuro who is in charge of game development and last but not least we have Victor who is the man behind the web design and development.

Together as a team they have strong background experience to help make this project a success.

What features will there be in Cardano Legends?

The game will include 3 main concepts when it is complete and the will allow players to be rewarded in different ways.

First up we have PVP where you can face off against other players to test how good you are and win rewards.

Secondly, there will be an economy where you can earn tokens and digital assets through in-game rewards that will be tradable for real money.

Finally, the campaign will allow you to fight against monsters in the Cardano Legends metaverse to win rewards and glory and to help strengthen your team.

What character classes are in Cardano Legends?

There are currently three-character classes planned for Cardano Legends, this is when they were avaiable to purchase and how the pre-sales have gone so far.

Firstly, we had the pre-release of The Knights!

Strong with thick armour. Your Tank!

The presale for Knights was on the the 10th of December 2021 and it sold out in a 18 minutes!

Firstly, we had the pre-release of the Archers!

Backline ranged damage dealers who can bring down any single enemy. Your Single Target DPS!

The presale for Archers was on the the 27th of December 2021 and it sold out in 2 minutes.

Finally, we will have the final pre-sale for the Mages on the 5th January 20222@ 8PM UTC!

They can cast powerful spells and multi-target enemies. Your damage dealers (DPS)!

These will cost 33 ADA to mint. If you are whitelisted you get a 24 hour headstart. However a minimum of 50 Mages will be retained for the public sale.

Wanna guess how fast these will sell out?

What is the roadmap for Cardano Legends?

They have put in place a roadmap that is broken down into quarters and I make you aware of when these will happen below.

Q1 2022

Final pre-launch sale for the Mages on 5th January 2022 at 8pm UTC at a mint cost of 33 ADA.

There is a whitelist available for a maximum of 50 Mages for 24 hours prior to the mint. The remainder of the 100 will be kept for the public sale.

You can get whitelisted by going to thier Discord (details to follow).

The launch date is expected to be in Q1 of 2022 and once the main drop has happened they intend to use the funds to develop and market the project. This will include the addition of new artists and developers to the team.

Q3 2022

This is when the team expect to be testing the alpha version of the game with a single player feature for all holders.

Q4 2022

In Q4 next year they expect the official release of the P2E (Play-to-Earn) feature of the game and to be starting the preparation for the PVP implementation into the game. Finally they expect to be Alpha testing the PVP part of the project.

How can I support Cardano Legends?

As usual you can support them by visiting their website for more details on the project, joining their Discord for more information on the team and by following them on Twitter in order to keep up to date with all the latest Cardano Legends related news. But most of all if you like the project you can mint a Mage on the 5th January 2022 at a mint cost of 33 ADA. This is not financial advice, you should always do your own research on any project you intend to mint.

Final Thoughts

Having had a very succesful pre launch of Archers and Knights I would expect the same for the pre-launch of the Mages. The project is growing stronger daily in a very natural way. I wish them all the best for this drop and I will continue to update you on this projects progress.

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